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Senior Lifestyle and Care

How to Add a Spark When the Retirement Honeymoon Ends

By: Twin Lakes | May 25, 2017

Living longer and healthier lives today means we also increase our post-career, or retirement, years. If you retire from full-time work at age 65, you likely have another 20-30 years to enjoy living life how you want.

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Nutrition and Food, Twin Lakes Community News

Foods to Eat Every Day to Slow Aging

By: Twin Lakes | May 23, 2017

While the fountain of youth remains a tale, the benefits of healthy eating to your body and mind as you age are undeniable. Good nutrition boosts your immunity, fights toxins in the body, reduces the risks of disease and improves your daily energy level. It also improves focus and enhances memory and mental alertness.

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Travel and Fun

Sun’s Out! Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Cincinnati

By: Twin Lakes | May 19, 2017

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The temperature is perfect. You’re retired and ready to enjoy the day outside. Where should you go to enjoy the great outdoors in Cincinnati?

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Senior Health and Fitness

An Exercise Guide to Keep You Fit While You Sit

By: Twin Towers | May 11, 2017

By Amy Brunner, Manager of the Connection at Twin Towers

Our bodies are meant to move so any extended sitting — such as behind a wheel or desk — increases our health risk.

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