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Life Enriching Communities Blog

Is Chocolate Healthy For You?

By: Twin Towers | February 14, 2019

The darker the chocolate the better it is for you. Not because it’s lower in sugar and fat than white or milk chocolate, but rather because it’s higher in beneficial flavanols. 

Flavanols help support blood vessel function

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Senior Lifestyle and Care

Retirement Living: Apartment Style

By: Twin Lakes | February 5, 2019

Millennials aren't the only ones interested in apartment living, an increasing number of retirees are opting for it as well.  Both generations are choosing it for some of the same reasons:

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Apps to Make Traveling Easier

By: Life Enriching Communities | January 29, 2019

Whether you’re still working part-time and enjoying long weekends on occasion or fully retired with travel on the mind, these apps can assist you in making your journeys more enjoyable.

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Senior Health and Fitness

Healthy Snack Combinations

By: Twin Lakes | January 24, 2019

By Katie Hill, Wellness Specialist Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

Incorporating healthy snacks into your diet is important to help maintain optimum blood sugar levels and prevent overeating due to hunger.

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