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Senior Lifestyle and Care

How To Make A Smooth Transition To A Senior Living Community

By: Twin Towers | December 11, 2018

Moving always requires a transition period, time to get settled in and familiar with your new location. Most senior living communities have an orientation process to ease

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Senior Lifestyle and Care

The Benefits of Assisted Living

By: Twin Lakes | December 6, 2018

By Joan Reiniger, RN, Twin Lakes Clinic Nurse

Assisted living is designed to offer the comfort of a private residence with the convenience of onsite amenities.

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Senior Health and Fitness

4 Health Benefits of Coffee

By: Twin Towers | November 27, 2018

By Drew Schroeder, Wellness Specialist at Twin Towers Connection.

Coffee gets a lot of negative press but moderate coffee drinking (three to four cups of coffee per day) can have a variety of health benefits.

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Travel and Fun

What to Do in Montgomery

By: Twin Lakes | November 20, 2018

Established in 1795 this pedestrian-friendly city has successfully blended its historic buildings with 96 acres of protected green space that include six parks, a local pool and nature preserve.

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