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Which Comes First with a Home: Move or Sell?

Posted by Twin Lakes on September 12, 2017

sold sign being placed outside of homeWhat comes first: the sale of your current home or the move into your new home? This conundrum takes a different twist when post-career and considering a 62+ senior living community.For one, risks are typically lower than when moving into a first home. Also, a senior living community may provide a program to assist those still needing to sell a home. At Twin Lakes, we have a move-in program allowing people to secure with a deposit and no-interest promissory note the independent living home they want while they sell their home. Many take advantage of this option due to the high demand of our villa homes and apartments.  

Secondly, moving during retirement is physically and emotionally not the same as moving into your first home. Your body has changed. Your possessions have grown. For many, it’s less stressful downsizing and moving on their terms versus on a buyer’s terms.

Trying to perfectly align the timing of selling your home and securing the home you want doesn’t always work. Instead, focus on finding the perfect home or apartment that fits the retirement lifestyle you want to live and how you can make that dream your reality.

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Should I Move into Another Home Before I Sell Mine?

It can feel risky to move into another home when you haven’t sold your current home. Use these questions to weigh the pros and cons of moving first, or waiting on a home buyer.

  • Is the perfect home, villa or apartment you want currently available, but may not be in the near future?
  • Are there move-in options that reduce your risks of moving before selling your home?
  • How is the buyer’s and seller’s market where you want to live?
  • Could you maintain two places for a short time, if need be? Is one maintenance free? Do you have family or friends who could help?
  • If you move first and your current home is empty and move-in ready, will this give you an advantage in the real estate market?
  • If your home sells before you have moved out, are you able to move into your first choice? Or will you have to move into a temporary place until the home you want is available?
  • Will you incur extra costs and hassle by having to move into a temporary place or having to move in a rush?
  • How much time will you need for downsizing and moving? Would it be easier to downsize and move before focusing on selling your home?
  • Are you relocating? Is there someone who can oversee the sale of your home if you relocate before it sells?

Tips to Moving Out Before Your House Has Sold

If you choose to move before your put your house on the market, this is the perfect time to declutter, downsize and stage your home for buyers.

When downsizing, avoid tackling the whole house in one go or waiting until you’re physically moving items into your new home. Think in terms of months, not days.

Tackle one room or area at a time. Schedule about two hours at a stretch on specific days. This allows you to keep making progress, without getting exhausted and overwhelmed by trying to tackle too much of the house at once.

4 Tips to Downsizing with Less Stress

  1. Start early
  2. Honor heirlooms and then pass them down to loved ones
  3. Sell the stress-free way by using professionals; consider an auction
  4. Don’t be afraid to toss

Tips to Selling a Home Before You Find Your New Home

Consider removing items you don’t use on a daily basis. Downsize and look into storing what you want for your new home but don’t need every day.

You want potential buyers to be able to see the home as theirs, not just see your belongings in the space. Keep items to a minimum, if possible.

De-clutter and rearrange furniture so that each room shows its distinctive, useful purpose. Some realtors suggest touring model homes to see how they stage a home for selling.


Also, stay in tune with what is going on in the housing market where you live. For example, it’s a seller’s market in Cincinnati right now due to a lack of homes for sale. This means you could get an offer quicker than you think. Ensure you keep your pulse on where you want to move.

Lastly, don’t try to downsize, store and sell a home by yourself. It’s a lot of work, and selling a house today is not like it was years ago. Seek professional insight to properly prepare your house for the market and help ensure you get what it’s worth.

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