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What’s the Difference Between CCRC and Life Plan Community?

Posted by Twin Towers on December 15, 2016

Senior couple playing cardsTechnically, it’s a name change. Life Plan Community was announced in late 2015 as the new name the industry would like to see used instead of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC).

Why change the name? Leading Age’s website lifeplancommunity.org says it best: 

They’re changing the game. We’re changing the name. Since they were teens, the boomers have done things differently. So it’s no surprise they’re revolutionizing retirement, and reinventing themselves and the senior living field.” 

Senior living communities have transformed to meet the needs of retirees today. They are no longer just care providers; CCRC communities are now vibrant villages with a range of residential options, services, amenities, and opportunities for personal growth and exploration, along with providing future care. 

It became clear that the name CCRC no longer did an adequate job of creating the best perception among tomorrow’s older adults,” said LeadingAge former President and CEO Larry Minnix in a release. 

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So Why Life Plan Community Instead Of CCRC?

Industry leaders have said the name Life Plan Community encompasses what CCRCs truly offer today: 

  • A lifestyle plan and choice for the next stage of life
  • An active life with many opportunities
  • Various levels of care, for residents to use as needed, on a single campus

Will the Industry Embrace the Name Life Plan Community?

Changing an industry term is a big undertaking. Will the industry even embrace the name change?

It’s likely too soon to tell. For senior living communities, a large commitment must be made by the entire staff and all materials moving forward must be rebranded and remarketed. Also, it simply takes time for a new term to be recognized by consumers and then to become mainstream.

Many CCRCs are beginning to interchange the terms, and LeadingAge has offered resources to help assist in the discussion.

Continuing Care at Life Enriching Communities

No matter whether we are called a CCRC or a Life Plan Community, our communities continue to focus on providing an exemplary "way of life" for our residents. We offer much more than simply a place to live or receive care. Our residents have widespread interests, varied backgrounds, active social and intellectual lives and the freedom to choose the services and amenities they want in order to enjoy retirement the way they want.

By providing the continuum of care that includes short and long-term medical care on-site, our residents also gain the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing future care is in place if ever needed. 

The type of retirement community you select -- no matter what you call it -- can be a lifestyle choice that is personally satisfying while also embracing your wellness now and into the future. 

Our Twin Towers senior living community in College Hill provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care, Memory Support Services, Inpatient Rehabilitative Services, Outpatient Rehabilitative Services and more. 

Call our resource specialist at 513-853-2000 or contact Twin Towers online with any of your questions. We also invite you to stop by to visit our community, the homes and join in our many activities.

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