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What is 'Independent Living'?

Posted by Twin Lakes on May 15, 2018

What is Independent LivingWhen considering your retirement living options, it’s important to understand exactly what you are searching for.  You’ll hear the phrase ‘independent living’ and it’s typical to wonder what that means? We all want to live independently so how is that defined in senior living?

Simply put, it’s  a lifestyle option available to older adults that are looking to simplify their responsibilities and take advantage of an array of amenities. In essence it’s regaining the time to do the things you want to do.

Independent Living Lifestyle

Living with Less Burden

Owning a home requires a considerable amount of time and resources to keep it in the best condition. From home repairs to modifications, time and money can begin to add up.

When you choose an Independent Living accommodation in a senior living community considerations have already been made to create an environment free from time consuming activities such as:

  • Major repairs or replacements, such as those to the roof, appliances and utilities
  • Lawn care and snow removal
  • Modifications to your home to fit your changing lifestyle
  • Preparing the home for sale in the future

These homes are designed with aging in mind. Whether it is single floor living or accessibility that is desired, communities are centered around making life simpler for those looking to live comfortably with less responsibility.

Services & Amenities

Independent living residents often select a community based on the services that will enhance living in retirement years. Many are tired of cooking and would prefer to have dining options available to them. Those who identify as “snowbirds” or simply like to travel, no longer want to worry about the safety and security of their home when they are away. For others there is a motivation to be prepared for their future healthcare needs, so they seek priority access to services they anticipate in later years.

Services and amenities that are sought may include:

  • Dining Options
  • Concierge and Transportation Service
  • On site offerings such as Fitness Center, Salon and Community spaces
  • Space for private events such as community rooms or Clubhouses
  • Programming and Trips
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Life Safety monitoring
  • Housekeeping

Types of Accommodations

As you begin to investigate communities you’ll discover there are many living options available. Most common are apartments, attached homes often referred to as “villas” or “patio homes,” and free standing homes.

You’ll find these accommodations vary in size and number of bedrooms, may offer garages and can even include bonus spaces such as patios, sunrooms or dens.

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One of the most appealing features of an Independent Living lifestyle is that is entirely by your own design. There are ample opportunities to become involved in volunteering, join social groups or clubs, or partake in the trips and special events designed to keep you engaged and offer enrichment in your post career years.

For those already highly involved, your schedule can remain the same with less worry over the to do’s that come along with home ownership. Come and go as you see fit in your community of peers, with the peace of mind that your future is secure.

Twin Lakes is a continuing care retirement community focused on supporting seniors to live their best lives. senior living options

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