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Nutrition and Food, Twin Lakes Community News

Foods to Eat Every Day to Slow Aging

By: Twin Lakes | May 23, 2017

While the fountain of youth remains a tale, the benefits of healthy eating to your body and mind as you age are undeniable. Good nutrition boosts your immunity, fights toxins in the body, reduces the risks of disease and improves your daily energy level. It also improves focus and enhances memory and mental alertness.

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Twin Lakes Community News, Travel and Fun

What Is Your Legacy?

By: Twin Lakes | February 24, 2017

By Jim Mayer, Executive Director Twin Lakes 

A few months I was in a group, and we were asked what our legacy was. I have been contemplating that subject ever since and asking myself what my legacy will be.

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Senior Lifestyle and Care, Twin Lakes Community News

Boost Your Mood Through Exercise

By: Twin Lakes | February 16, 2017

Have the cold, long days of winter left you feeling a little gloomy? Could you even admit to being a bit moody lately? Go ahead and blame Mother Nature.

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Senior Lifestyle and Care, Twin Lakes Community News

A Day They’ll Never Forget: Planning a Visit with the Grandchildren in Cincinnati

By: Twin Lakes | February 10, 2017

You’ve marked your calendars, it’s official. The grandchildren are stopping by for a visit. As their grandparent, you get the honorable job of simply having fun with some of your favorite people!

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