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Twin Lakes Community News

New Restaurant Coming to Twin Lakes

By: Twin Lakes | September 28, 2017

The Twin Lakes senior living community is often described as modern, maintenance-free living in a neighborhood of friends. Now you can add “scrumptious” to the list.

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Nutrition and Food, Twin Lakes Community News

Foods to Eat Every Day to Slow Aging

By: Twin Lakes | May 23, 2017

While the fountain of youth remains a tale, the benefits of healthy eating to your body and mind as you age are undeniable.

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Twin Lakes Community News, Travel and Fun

What Is Your Legacy?

By: Twin Lakes | February 24, 2017

By Jim Mayer, Executive Director Twin Lakes 

A few months I was in a group, and we were asked what our legacy was. I have been contemplating that subject ever since and asking myself what my legacy will be.

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Senior Lifestyle and Care, Twin Lakes Community News

Boost Your Mood Through Exercise

By: Twin Lakes | February 16, 2017

Have the cold, long days of winter left you feeling a little gloomy? Could you even admit to being a bit moody lately? Go ahead and blame Mother Nature.

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