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Travel and Fun

The Two Secrets to Happiness in Retirement

By: Twin Lakes | January 10, 2017

Jack retired in 1998 as Vice President and Technical Director for a clinical research and testing company in which he co-owned. He loved his job, as it allowed him to travel the world, network and meet new people.

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Senior Health and Fitness, Travel and Fun

A Walk In The Park

By: Twin Lakes | September 23, 2016

With fall just around the corner, this can be a great time to start a walking exercise plan. Walking is great exercise at any age - it’s simple, almost anyone can do and it’s inexpensive.

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Senior Lifestyle and Care, Travel and Fun

Log Your Travel: Share the Experience

By: Twin Lakes | September 13, 2016

Sea captains and space ship commanders all keep logs. Why not document your own travel experiences in much the same way to share with friends?

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Senior Lifestyle and Care, Travel and Fun

How To Have A Successful Family Vacation

By: Twin Lakes | July 28, 2016

Recent years have witnessed an upsurge in family reunions, and multi-generational travel is a trendy way to vacation, but planning is what separates the successful from the stressful.

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