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Too Much Stuff? 6 Ways to Downsize (Stress-Free)

Posted by Twin Towers on July 27, 2017

family downsizingDownsizing often has a negative connotation. Throwing things out. Saying goodbye. Making a change.

But in reality, downsizing can be the exact opposite.

For older adults who are selling their home and moving to a new senior living home, downsizing can provide a sense of relief and excitement for this new chapter in your life. 

Downsizing can be an opportunity to declutter and get rid of “stuff” that has no true meaning. Make it about keeping only what you truly love and what represents who you are.

Are you preparing to downsize, sell and move? Get tips on selling your home in today’s market here.

6 Tips to Staying Upbeat While Downsizing

  1. Keep it simple. Start small. Start with the easiest places. Clear out the basement, the garage and the extra bedroom. With each room, you’ll get better and faster at the process. You’ll be an expert when you get to the more difficult rooms and need to make those last-minute downsizing decisions before you move. 

  1. Attitude is everything. Focus on why you are moving. Moving to an active retirement community so you can swim every day? A maintenance-free home where you no longer need to shovel snow? Fewer things means less responsibility and more time to do what you love.

  1. Create a memory. Invite loved ones over when you are ready to give them items you want to hand down. Share the memory, enjoy a cup of coffee and laugh. Make this another memory to cherish.

  1. Sell, donate and discard. Divide items into these three categories. For items with value that you want to sell, contact local auction houses, antique dealers and consignment shops, or check out eBay and Craigslist. Contact local charities to determine what items they will accept for donation, and throw away anything broken, soiled, torn, chipped or unusable.

  1. Only keep what you truly love. Gain freedom, joy and less responsibility by keeping only what you truly love. Before you know it, you’ll wake up each day in your new patio home surrounded by items with true meaning, ready to live life based on what you love doing.

  1. Allow time. There’s no reason to rush the process. Take time to enjoy downsizing. Don’t set the expectation to go through all of your things in a weekend. Give the process the dignity it deserves..

At Twin Towers senior residential community, we have a referral list specifically for seniors looking for help with downsizing, selling, packing and moving.  Request your copy while touring our senior residential patio homes.

Contact Twin Towers today for more information. 513-853-2000

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