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Tips For When The Grandkids Come To Visit

Posted by Twin Towers on May 24, 2016

grandkids.jpgOne of the grand benefits of being a grandparent is that it is your job to have fun with the grandkids. You’ve already spent years setting rules, disciplining and raising their parents. Now is your time to have fun with the kids!

You can create deep, loving relationships with your grandchildren by sharing the things you love and by learning about what excites them. The best activities are the ones that flow naturally from the interests of both you and your grandchildren. Here are a few ideas to help you get ready for their next visit.

Things to Do in Your Home with Your Grandkids 

  • Create a treasure hunt. Make clues and hide them around your home. The clues can be rhymes or riddles that lead to another clue or a small prize, such as a piece of candy.
  • Go for a walk together. Make a list of things you want them to find and take a walk together outside, through the neighborhood or through your community hallways. Let them scratch off a list or take pictures of each item as they find it.
  • Pull out family photo albums. Kids of all ages get a kick out of seeing pictures of their parents when they were growing up. Tell them stories about their parents’ childhood and about your childhood.
  • Give each other a manicure. Nearly every little girl loves the beauty salon. Get out your nail polish and turn a table into a manicure station.
  • Let them stage a talent show for you. Ask about their current interests, and then let them show you their skills with a performance of cart wheels, singing, soccer kicks or whatever skills they proudly put together.
  • Play cards or a game. You teach them a game from years ago, and then let them teach you a current favorite. 

Want to take the grandkids out for the day? That’s a great idea! 

Taking a trip with grandma and/or grandpa can create special memories that will stay in their hearts forever. It doesn’t need to be a faraway trip or even an expensive one.. For children, a one-day visit to a nearby attraction can be a very special journey they had with grandma and/or grandpa. 

Things to Do Around Cincinnati 

Living at Twin Towers allows you plenty of time to spend time doing the things you love with your grandkids. Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour.

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