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The No. 1 Benefit of a Residential Community

Posted by Twin Towers on July 13, 2017

senior coupleAs more senior residential neighborhoods pop up across the country, have you wondered, “who is living there?” and “why did they choose to move there”?

For many people, they begin looking at senior living neighborhoods as they near retirement and want to downsize and sell their current home. They no longer want to spend their time cleaning and maintaining a four-bedroom home where they only use a few rooms.  

A residential neighborhood such as Twin Towers provides modern, one-floor patio homes and apartment homes while they also gain services and amenities, such as home maintenance, housekeeping, 24-hour security, dining options, transportation and more.

The Greatest Benefit of a Senior Residential Community

While the modern home, services and amenities are often the initial attraction, the greatest benefit we have seen many find in our senior living neighborhood is the sense of community gained.

While this can be difficult to put into words, it’s similar to comradery felt during other stages of life: the college buddies striving for career success or that circle of moms helping one another out while raising children.

You gain a neighborhood of people like you with the same goal of enjoying the life they worked for.

This sense of community feeds the social support we all need throughout life. Many families today live a good distance apart, making it even more important to expand your social circle beyond family.

In a standalone neighborhood or condominium unit, the demographics of your neighborhood could be completely different than you or may change significantly in the future. They typically do not have neighborhood events or community centers. The sense of community and support that comes with a senior living neighborhood is simply not there.

How Do I Meet People in a New Neighborhood?

At Twin Towers, this is a question we often get asked, especially if you haven’t moved to a new home in several years.

That is why we have an Event Coordinator whose job is to be there for you before, during, and after you move. She can take you on tours, introduce you to people and keep you posted on the activities and events.

The Event Coordinator has the scoop on our calendar of events and can answer questions on what it is, where it’s held, who attends, etc. It’s often easier to walk through that door the first time when you know what to expect.

Will I Be Able to Maintain My Privacy in a Community Living Neighborhood?

Independent living homes were developed just for that purpose.

You live in the comfort and privacy of your own home or apartment, while being able to take advantage of all many services and amenities the community offers, if you so choose.

Am I Ready to Move to a Residential Neighborhood?

Many active older adults are finding it more desirable to live in a senior residential neighborhood where they can maintain their independence, be surrounded by a community of peers and gain community amenities and services.

No longer spend your days mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. Instead, you can enjoy your days visiting, traveling and doing the things you love to do.

Typically, the best time to move is before your current home becomes an inconvenience and financial burden.

We invite you to visit our neighborhood here at Twin Towers senior living in Cincinnati. Tour our apartment homes and spacious single-family patio homes and experience what a day is like at Twin Towers.

Schedule your visit to Twin Towers today or give us a call! 513-853-2000.

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