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The Easiest Ways to Exercise & Stay Healthy While Traveling

Posted by Twin Towers on April 21, 2017

Senior woman stretching on the beachBy Emily Cole, Wellness Coordinator at The Connection at Twin Towers 

Are you thinking of traveling this summer? Who doesn’t love a nice break! Perhaps even an adventure abroad.

Whether you are venturing stateside or journeying afar, use these tips to easily maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle while traveling.

Tips to Fitness and Staying Healthy While Traveling


Have you heard of jet-lag? It’s a real thing. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate or even eliminate it. Stretching while traveling reduces the risk of blood clots and GI complications.

  • When traveling by car, take advantage of rest areas to breath in the fresh air, walk the paths or the parking lot and stretch out your legs, back and arms. Pack a cooler with fresh fruit and vegetables and bring plenty of water. 

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    • When flying, store belongings in the overhead compartment for more leg room and choose an aisle seat preferably in the first row behind an emergency exit for even more legroom. The window seat may offer good views but your body will thank you later for choosing the aisle. 

Do leg and feet stretches at least once an hour. On long flights, set a goal to get up and walk up and down the aisles every hour. Do standing arm, neck and leg stretches in the space near the restrooms.

Skip the expensive food and bottled water costs. Bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on luggage. Fill with water after security. Pack sealed granola bars to snack on during the flight or layover. Check out this list of foods you can bring through airport security.

Eat Safely.

    • In foreign places or whenever in doubt, opt for filtered/bottled water to ensure safe drinking water.
    • Make sure dairy products are pasteurized.
    • Condiments from sealed packages are safer than those exposed to the environment.
    • Know your stomach. Trying exotic foods is exciting, but too much too fast might end badly.
    • Aim to eat familiar foods at least one meal during the day. Your body will know what to do with those nutrients and will have an easier time with digestion.
    • Consider translating the menu before placing your order. A foreign translation of an American word might not have the same meaning.
    • Take supplements and vitamins to maintain balanced nutrition intake.
    • Check out restaurant reviews online.

Don’t Skip Exercise. 

      • Take advantage of the hotel gym.
      • Pack comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing.
      • If there is no gym, use sightseeing as a means to increase cardio. Walk a few blocks instead of hopping on the bus.
      • Use a pedometer to track your steps each day. Aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps.

Get Some Sleep. 

      • Time zone differences may jumble your sleep schedule. Try to get into a routine in the first 24 hours.
      • Bring as much of your home environment with you. For example, if you sleep with a soft pillow and fan, either bring those or purchase them when you arrive.
      • Stop eating 12-16 hours before you want to wake up. This will trigger your body to prepare for the night cycle.
      • Try to gradually adjust your sleep time before the first day of travel.
      • Go on a walk each morning to jumpstart the day.

Relax and Recharge.

It may seem obvious that you will relax and take a break on vacation but scheduling too many tours and destinations can be the exact opposite and very stressful.

      • Plan no more than 1 or 2 tours in a day.
      • Leave time each day for random adventures.
      • Develop a morning and night routine so you aren’t rushed first thing in the morning or right before bed.
      • Make a list of must see places and plan when you want to see them. It’s then okay if you don’t get to see a place not on the list.
      • Journal each day. Remember and reflect on the reason why you are traveling.
      • Be still. Take time each day to watch the sunrise or sit without an agenda. 

Not only can these tips help you stay healthy while vacationing, just taking a trip is good for you. A Marshfield Clinic study found vacationing or partaking in a new adventure relieves tension, helps avoid depression and improves relationships.  Plan your next trip today! 

Feeling good inside and out is the cornerstone of life at Twin Towers Senior Living Community in Cincinnati, Ohio

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