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The Benefits of Taking a Day Trip

Posted by Twin Towers on March 14, 2019

cincinnati-day-trips-1Being retired means you gain the freedom to choose when you want to embark on a new adventure. If the idea of packing and spending a day in transit is more than you’d like to tackle, you can still reap the benefits of traveling by staying closer to home.

One-day trips to nearby locations can be just as satisfying — if not more so — than an extended vacation.

The Benefits of a Day Trip


Discovering a hidden gem you never knew existed just miles away is a lot less hassle to plan. No need to spend time looking for flights, the best accommodations, available dates, etc.If something comes up or the weather changes, it is also much easier to reschedule a day trip.

Less Packing

 Day trips also mean light packing or even no packing. You may only need a bottle of water, phone, camera, jacket, quick snack, umbrella or sunscreen. When the mood hits, grab your stuff and go.

Cost Savings

A one-day trip is good on the wallet, too, while an extended vacation can be a financial investment that may include a strict vacation budget. Without lodging, car rentals and airfare your dollar can go much further when you take a day trip.

It’s Good for Your Health

 An afternoon in the city or jaunt to the countryside can provide many physical, mental and social benefits. You can get exercise while touring a flower farm, stimulate your mind at an art gallery and meet new people at just about any tourist spot. In fact, you’ll likely meet people who share common interests with you as they were attracted to the same destination as you.

A Marshfield Clinic study found vacationing or partaking in a new adventure relieves tension, helps avoid depression and improves relationships. Simply put, fun trips out of the house break up everyday routine and stress.

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