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Staying Social In Retirement

Posted by Twin Towers on July 12, 2018

Staying social in retirementBy Jillian Hodapp, Marketing Specialist at Twin Towers Senior Living Community

Sometimes after retirement your social life takes a quick, hard hit. Since you’re not going out to work every day, it takes more of an effort to get up and get going.

Soon you find yourself making excuses to not even leave the house. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I’ll go tomorrow, etc. Before you realize it, you have isolated yourself. This happens far too often in post career living and is a recipe for disaster.

According to health studies, social interaction is just as important as any other wellness effort. These studies have revealed that socialization can lead to a longer, happier life with fewer health risks, including mental health.

6 Ways to Stay Engaged

1. Volunteer. The benefits of volunteering can be measured physically, socially and emotionally. Those who volunteer report reduced stress, resistance to anxiety and depression, improved mental ability and memory and a renewed sense of life purpose.

2. Part-Time Work. Whether in your profession, as a consultant or in an entirely different field, check out what employment opportunities exist. Don’t be afraid to jump back in the pool. Our Twin Towers campus has many residents who still work a few days and thoroughly enjoy it!

3. Travel. It doesn’t have to be an extended vacation abroad, an afternoon in the city with friends can be just as satisfying. Consider group travel - leave the driving and planning to someone else, you can enjoy meeting and sightseeing with your fellow travelers. If you’re looking for places to visit in and around Cincinnati, check out these 13 hidden gems in this free Cincinnati Day Trips guide.

4. Education. No longer are you taking “required” courses, retirement is the time to learn something new in addition to meeting new people. You may even find classes specifically designed for those in retirement, such as courses offered by the University of Cincinnati OLLI program.

5. Fitness. Join a class at a local fitness center and if you’ve never been a ‘gym’ person, consider a place that is specifically designed for older adults. You’ll find a peer group to socialize with as well as staff trained for your age group. Some senior living communities will have a fitness center that you can join without moving in.

6. Make a Move. Consider a move to a senior living community. We often hear “I’m not ready to make the move”; but what’s not to be ready for? Never mind the maintenance free living, a greater social life can make a world of a difference in the long run concerning your health. At Twin Towers we often hear from residents who have a hard time managing their new found social calendar and one told us “my circle of friends has easily doubled since moving in.”

If you’re evaluating your post career living options, we invite you to visit the Twin Towers campus. Take a tour of our apartment homes and spacious single-family patio homes and learn what life is like at one of Cincinnati’s premier communities.    Schedule your visit to Twin Towers today or give us a call 513-853-2000.

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