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Starting a Recycling Program: How One Community is Finding Success

Posted by Twin Towers on February 1, 2018

i-dXP2qsP-XL.jpgMany of us have recycling bins and put them at the curb every week, but can a senior living community launch a recycling program across it’s campus? The short answer is yes, and resident Lew Chizer at Twin Towers is leading that effort.

Several years ago an Environmental Concerns Committee began at Twin Towers to act as the campuses ‘eyes and ears’ for the Maintenance Team. Lew currently chairs this committee made up of both residents and associates who meet on a regular basis.

“It’s a great mix of residents and staff and we discuss everything from trees that need attention to using recyclable paper products in our Dining Room and Bistro. What’s going on in our environment affects all of us on campus, whether you live or work here, so we need to work together on solutions.”

The group has located collection bins across the campus which a team of volunteers empties on a regular schedule. “This year we are purchasing additional bins,” says Lew, “we’ve heard from residents that we need bins on every floor of the main building,  so right now we are discussing where they can safely go, and how they will be emptied.”

Lew works closely with Rumpke and encourages everyone to take a tour of their facility. “They are doing great recycling work out there, it’s an amazing place.”

Currently the Twin Towers group focuses on recycling and repurposing the following:

Recyclable Product

Who Accepts?

Empty Pill Containers

Matthew 25 Ministries

Paper Products (newspapers, cartons, cardboard boxes)


Unused Prescription Glasses

Len’s Crafters

Aluminum and Tin Cans


Aluminum Can Pull Tabs

Children’s Hospital

Used Printer Ink Cartridges


Plastic and Glass Bottles


Seven Common Recycling Questions

Lew gets a lot of questions, these are the top 7.

1. Do I leave caps on bottles?

Yes, caps are fine because they are plastic and are also recyclable.

2. Should I tie my bundles of newspaper with string?

Although that was the way it used to be done, it’s no longer necessary to bundle and tie paper for recycling.

3. Do you want food containers like a pizza box in?

If the food container is cleaned out and free of food yes.

4. Can you recycle styrofoam?

No, it’s currently not recyclable.

5. Should I rinse cans?

Yes, if the liquid in the can had sugar in it as this could draw ants to the recycling bin.

6. Do I need to crush cans?

It really doesn’t matter because they are going to get crushed at some point. It does save space in the recycling container.

7. Should boxes be flattened?

Breaking down boxes helps on space in the recycle bin, but be certain the boxes are empty. For example remove the bag from a cereal box before recycling it. Tip from Lew: the wax paper bags in cereal boxes is not recyclable.

Lew’s overriding goal is to reduce the amount of recyclable stuff going into the landfill. “There is still a lot of work for us to do, but we are committed to watching what is going on in our environment and will help in any way we can." 

Twin Towers Senior Living Community residents are active and engaged both on our campus and in the community. We invite you to visit and tour our apartment homes, or spacious single-family patio homes, and experience what life is like at Twin Towers. Schedule your visit right here or give us a call! 513-853-2000.

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