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Ready for a Day Trip? Get Travel Tips & Where to Go

Posted by Twin Towers on March 17, 2017

cincinnati-day-trips.jpgThe sun is out. Coffee is brewed. Toss the to-do list. Today’s a great day for a trip! 

Being retired from the work world means you gain the freedom to choose when you want to embark on a new adventure. Whether it’s a Tuesday or Saturday, it’s always the perfect time for a one-day, day trip. 

Benefits of One-Day Trips 

You don’t need to plan a 15-day European excursion or even a week away at the beach to enjoy the many benefits of traveling. One-day trips to nearby locations can be just as satisfying — if not more so — than an extended vacation. 

Looking for places to visit in and around Cincinnati? Check out 13 favorite spots chosen by seniors in this free Cincinnati Day Trips guide. You’ll get hidden gems, trip tips, senior discounts & more. 

Discovering a hidden gem you never knew existed just miles away is a lot less hassle to plan. No need to spend time looking for flights, the best accommodations, available dates, etc. Any day can be a good day for a day trip. 

Day trips also mean light packing or even no packing. You may only need a bottle of water, phone, camera, jacket, umbrella or sunscreen. When the mood hits, grab your stuff and go. 

A one-day trip is good on the wallet, too, while an extended vacation can be a financial investment that may include a strict vacation budget.

Day Trips Are Good for Your Health

If you’re not yet convinced that you should be out having fun today, then you must do it for your health. Vacationing in any form is good for the body! 

An afternoon in the city or jaunt to the countryside can provide many physical, mental and social benefits. You can get exercise while touring a flower farm, stimulate your mind at an art gallery and meet new people at just about any tourist spot. In fact, you’ll likely meet people who share common interests with you as they were attracted to the same destination as you. 

A Marshfield Clinic study found vacationing or partaking in a new adventure relieves tension, helps avoid depression and improves relationships. Simply put, fun trips out of the house break up everyday routine and stressors.

Tips for Safe Travels Locally

Now that you’re ready to go, keep in mind these tips for safety while you travel. 

  • Take a friend or join a tour. It’s always safer to travel in pairs or with a group.
  • Tell someone where you are going. Even when traveling for just one day, make sure a family member or close friend knows where you have gone.
  • Pack light. No need to be carrying around a heavy bag that strains your back.
  • Travel during the day versus at night for added safety.
  • Consider a money belt instead of your purse or put a wallet in a front pocket or jacket pocket to help avoid theft.
  • Don’t overdo it. Even one-day trips can be exhausting. Take breaks when needed. Drink plenty of water and walk at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Feeling good inside and out is the cornerstone of life at Twin Towers Senior Living Community in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Looking for ways to plan an active lifestyle in retirement? We have many activities for our senior residents that are also open to the public, from our Living is Learning educational series to classes available for seniors at our fitness and aquatic center, The Connection

To find out more or schedule a visit, call Twin Towers Senior Living Community at 513-853-2000 or fill out our online form.Cincinnati Hidden Gems


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