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Quick Healthy Snacks

Posted by Twin Towers on June 7, 2018

Nicole for Healthy SnacksBy Nicole Dapper, Wellness Coordinator at the Twin Towers Senior Living Community.

When you’re on the go these healthy snacks loaded with protein, calcium, and fiber will help you stay healthy and active all day.

Protein Packed Snacks 

healthy snacks- mixed nutsYou will stay full longer and have the energy you need for all of your adventures with these selections.

Hard boiled egg – This simple, portable snack is easy to make and to keep on hand. Eggs are heart healthy and keep your bones strong, but because they are high in dietary cholesterol, it’s best to limit servings to 4 per week.

Mixed nuts - Almonds, cashews and peanuts are full of fiber, protein and a great source of healthy fats.

Jerky – There are many varieties of jerky available (beef, chicken, turkey) and most are loaded with up to 10 grams of protein.  

Calcium Rich Snacks

healthy snacks- yogurtCalcium plays a huge role in bone health so try to incorporate these into your day to stay strong.

Cottage cheese –This calcium rich snack pairs well with pineapple or cantaloupe. When choosing this option, low fat or fat free varieties are best.

Greek yogurt - Another great source of calcium. If you’re looking for added sweetness, try mixed berries to take advantage of their healthy natural sugars.

High Fiber Snacks 

healthy snacks- popcorn

High fiber foods are typically whole, unprocessed foods that aid digestion, contribute to maintaining a healthy cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels under control. and so make sure to stock up on these this summer.

Prunes –  Prunes are filled with tons of fiber to keep your digestive track moving.

Avocado – Avocado are not only packed with healthy fats but they’re also high in fiber.

Popcorn – Plain air-popped or low-fat microwaveable is a great choice for a high fiber snack that is also relatively low in calories.

Crunchy Snacking 

healthy snacks- cerealI have no self-control when it comes to a big bag of chips - they’re my weakness. If you like crunch in your snacks, try one of these healthier alternatives.

Nut butters - Spread some on apple slices or celery stalks for that creamy and crunchy factor. Nut butters contain healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals which make it a great spread choice for a quick snack.

Hummus – For a more nutritious alternative, swap vegetables, such as celery, red/green peppers, cucumbers or carrots, for chips or bread. Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are bursting with heart healthy fats, protein, fiber, calcium, and iron and take full responsibility for the many health benefits of hummus.

Cereal – Enjoy a small bowl of Raisin Bran or Corn Flakes with some almond milk or keep a container of it to grab and go. This is a good source of fiber, healthy fats, and calcium.

For Your Sweet Tooth

healthy snacks- dark chocolateIf you have a mean sweet tooth like I do, there are treats that are healthier and better for you than sugary sweets.

Dark chocolate – Who knew dark chocolate was so nutritious? Of course it tastes delicious, but it’s also very good for your health. This tasty snack has been proven to improve blood flow and brain function, lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease; it’s packed with tons of fiber, iron and antioxidants. Don’t go crazy though - moderation is key when eating this sweet.

Frozen grapes – Curb those sugar longings with a handful of these. The prep is easy. Wash and dry your grapes, store them in a zip lock bag or on a baking tray, and freeze until firm. Whether you take them off the stems or leave them on is entirely up to you!  

Frozen Yogurt Bark – Are you trying to reduce those sweet cravings? Well look no further! Try this new delicious way to eat Greek yogurt. Check out these 16 different recipes to make yogurt bark by BRIT + CO.

healthy snacks- hydrate with water*Bonus: Water! Water! WATER! Don't forget that water is the best drink for your body so stay hydrated. This is a healthy habit that everyone will benefit from. Try sparkling water with lemon for a refreshing twist! 

Nicole is the Wellness Coordinator at the fitness & wellness center at Twin Towers, The Connection, where you will find an expertly trained team who develops workout routines and exercises that are personalized to your goals. A variety of classes are available and equipment is specifically designed for those aged 50+. The Aquatic Center includes a 75-foot heated pool, aquatic bikes, and a whirlpool.  

The Connection is open to the community and memberships are available. For more information contact us online or give us a call at 513-853-2000.button to download A-Z guide to living and aging the way you want

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