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Post Career: This is What You Worked For

Posted by Twin Lakes on August 17, 2017

Post Career This What  You Worked ForIf you’ve worked and saved for retirement but feel guilty about spending that money on yourself once you retire, you’re not alone. We hear this concern often and according to Matt Fellowes, founder and CEO of United Income, “seniors trim an average of 2.5 percent off their spending each year.” 

New residents tell us that although it may be unsettling to spend after years of saving, there is no reason to feel guilty about your good decisions. Rather, you should celebrate by living the lifestyle you want to live and surrounding yourself with the services and amenities you have worked to enjoy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

Investing in Where You Live in Retirement 

Whether you choose to spend your post career years traveling to new places, visiting lifetime friends, lasting interests and cultural events in familiar surroundings, you should aim to please yourself. 

As you consider your options for where and how you want to live your post-career life, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Seek out lifestyle options that reflect your values and your passions.
  • Think seriously about what will really make you happy.
  • Consider communities and neighborhoods for 62+, where the homes, services, amenities and neighbors fit the life you want to live.
  • Make it an investment into your future. Consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community to cover your long-term needs and the possibility of future life changes.

If You Want To Move to a Senior Living Community

If a move is in your plan there are some things to consider to help ensure you find the right fit for you financially and the lifestyle you want to live.

Use these 6 tips to help you get started:

  1. Consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. Would you prefer a villa with a couple bedrooms and attached garage or is an apartment home a better fit for you?
  2. Schedule tours and a get a feel for the community and accommodations. Enjoy this next adventure in your life, it can be as exciting as purchasing your first home.
  3. Acknowledge the need to remain physically fit, mentally involved and socially active. Look for a community that encourages all three and provides opportunities on-site that interest you.
  4. If you like to travel, look at a retirement community that will allow you to leave without worry.
  5. Plan for contingencies and for changing health needs.
  6. Be realistic about your finances, but always make your decisions based on what you want. You have every right to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Deciding Where to Live in Retirement

The best route to a secure and enjoyable future is, of course, to do some advance planning. If you have achieved a measure of financial independence and security that allows you to enjoy a comfortable retirement, never apologize. Rather, take the time to find the senior living community that complements your lifestyle and your philosophy. 

At Twin Lakes Senior Living Community our villa, patio & apartment homes are located in beautiful, suburban Montgomery. Maintain the independence of your own single-family home, with all of the advantages of maintenance-free community living.  Contact us here  or call us at (513)247-1300.senior living options

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