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Moving In & Meeting Your Neighbors at a Senior Community

Posted by Twin Towers on June 30, 2017

two senior women having lunchA question new residents of any community often have is, “how will I get to know people after I move in?”

We’ve all been the new kid on the block at some point, whether as a child, in college or starting a new career. At Twin Towers senior residential community, we have programs in place to help new residents transition into their new home and become part of our continuing care retirement community. 

Moving In at Twin Towers Senior Living

When you have questions we have answers. Whether you want to know about an event on the calendar, how to access our cable channel or where to sign up for a yoga class, we are here to help. It's a lot easier to walk through that door the first time when you know what to expect.

Where Should I Sit for Dinner?

A benefit of our senior living community is not having to cook if you so choose. We’ve got various dining options and a bistro. But where do you sit? And who do you sit with when you’re new to the community?

No worries, we make that seamless for you too. For our new residents, we offer to schedule a meal with a host resident. While you dine, the host resident can answer your questions and introduce you to other people in the neighborhood.

Getting Your First Invite

As a new resident of our senior neighborhood, you’ll get invited to an event specifically for new residents. You’ll meet department heads and staff who you’ll regularly see around the community.

This is also another great opportunity to ask questions. Do you want to know more about downtown Cincinnati and what to do? Just ask! Our team members have been here for years and will gladly provide recommendations of top things to do in Cincinnati, sites to see, where to eat and more.

Have questions about the city bus route? Our home maintenance program? Our fitness and aquatic center? Where to walk your dog? Again, ask away. Our staff is here to answer your questions or find the answer for you.

And if you’d rather not participate in this event or any other events, that’s fine too. The choice is yours.

As a new resident of Twin Towers, we are here to help you transition into your new home and community in whichever way is most comfortable for you.

If you haven’t yet visited us here at Twin Towers senior living community in Cincinnati, we invite you to take a tour. See our apartment homes and spacious single-family patio homes. Experience what a day is like in a senior residential community.

Schedule your visit to Twin Towers today or give us a call 513-853-2000.

opening doors at a senior living community

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