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Log Your Travel: Share the Experience

Posted by Twin Lakes on September 13, 2016

Man writing in bookSea captains and space ship commanders all keep logs. Why not document your own travel experiences in much the same way to share with friends? Whether you take pictures on a day-long visit to the Arboretum, or keep a journal of your European adventures through several different countries, there are others who would be delighted to see the sights through your eyes or to relive their own experiences through your observations and updates.

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, why not get creative in order to share your adventures with others and enrich your own experiences. With modern digital technology, it's even easier than it was in the days of personal, handwritten log books and Polaroid cameras.

Ways to Log Your Vacation Travel Experiences

Going Social

You can, if you wish, share your experiences almost in real time, through periodic posts via Instagram, Facebook or another social media outlet. But, you don't have to be totally tech-savvy in order to document your travel. You also need not go public if you wish to keep it low key.

Tote a camera and notebook if you wish. Or snap digital photos and videos and keep notes on your smartphone that can be used to put together a visual presentation at a later date. Collect items for a personal scrapbook if you wish.

Share Impressions

Because the world has "shrunk" to the point where the spectacular sights are readily available to view, share your thoughts and impressions about your experiences and the places you visit rather than just recording the sights. In other words, place yourself in your pictures, not only visually, but through your reactions.

Describe the smells and the sounds as well as the architecture of Barcelona neighborhoods; recount your hesitation as you board the Chunnel to travel under the sea from France to England, and tell humorous tales of your attempts to count out the proper number of coins in Tokyo. Your friends back home will be entranced!

Talk to the Locals

Increase your understanding, whether you are visiting a national park or another nation's capital. Make time to ask questions, exchange pleasantries and get to know tour guides, other tourists, and local vendors. In that way, you'll capture the "flavor" of a place, have a clearer view of reality, and emerge with a better understanding. It works everywhere at all times.

Especially if you travel alone or with a small group, make an effort to "go local" when possible. If you're part of a large tour group, walk away on your own occasionally. Enrichment comes in various ways. Try to sample it all.

Travel Clubs and Special Interest Groups

Twin Lakes Senior Living Community encourages residents with like interests to form associations. Even though there is always something interesting happening on the three separate campuses of our energetic life enriching community, there is always room for additional special interest groups. Why not a Travel Club?

If you'd like more information about the wealth of opportunities for living the good life at Twin Lakes, just call us at 513-719-3510 or contact Twin Lakes online. Travel with us into a secure future, and share the journey with others who have found a great lifestyle here.

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