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Life After Work: Post Career Living

Posted by Twin Towers on May 8, 2018

life after work post career livingBy Jim Lay, Executive Director of Twin Towers

For years we’ve heard about the challenges and constraints that go with the chapter of life called “retirement living.”  Too frequently this part of life is defined as an end rather than what is an amazing new beginning.

Post Career Living

This is the time of life when your work routine is either diminishing in scope or ending completely. This emerging time of “post-career” living places you on the edge of a new horizon. You have dreamed about this stage of life, planned for it, and are perched on the brink of living it!

Those who have had long, rewarding and now completed careers learned that time is the most precious resource we possess. What we do with our time determines whether or not we will be happy, successful, and ultimately, fulfilled.

The 5 Keys to Successful Post-Career Living

Post-career living looks different for every individual, but there are common threads that bind this emerging and engaging lifestyle pattern together.

  1. Self-determination – taking an active approach to create the life you desire. You will be more than happy for others to choose to join you on that path.

  1. Access – the ability to remain connected and involved with those you love and the things you love doing, and to have both be within easy “touch” at all times.

  1. Independence – the freedom to choose what you want to do with your time to the most reasonable and healthy extent as possible. The courage to let go of the limits of past phases of life is essential to achieve self-actualization.

  1. Purpose – engagement in a life with meaning is a life that is fulfilling. Create new dreams,  learn new things, and pursue all of these with passion and determination. It’s time to deepen your relationships with others, set goals for yourself that are in line with what you appreciate most in your life, and take the opportunity to freely express yourself.

  1. Joy – we can and do control how we see the world and how we engage with it. Spread the joy to others as you walk life’s path.

It’s time to change the perspective on retirement living from one of ‘waiting and aging’ to one of new experiences and actions. You have the opportunity to live that “best life” that you have worked so hard to earn, and so richly deserve.

If you’re evaluating your post career living options, we invite you to visit the Twin Towers campus. Take a tour of our apartment homes and spacious single-family patio homes and learn what life is like at one of Cincinnati’s premier communities.   Schedule your visit to Twin Towers today or give us a call 513-853-2000.opening doors at a senior living community

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