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Learning Life Lessons

Posted by Twin Lakes on April 5, 2018

Learning Life Lessons By Jim Mayer, Executive Director, Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

When we look back on our lives, we find that there are valuable lessons learned. We realize that we regret what we said that hurt people’s feelings or we watched a situation unfold unfavorably, and only then realize what we could have done differently to turn it around.

Yet those life lessons and experiences, both good and bad, have shaped our lives and taught us wisdom, courage, and how to handle a variety of situations.

Here are a few lessons that helped me along the journey of life.

4 Lessons Learned From Life

1. Develop Healthy Interactions 

Some people believe it is not necessary to have good human relationships, but being loyal, trustworthy, and dependable is absolutely necessary.  This is how we ultimately live with good health and happiness.

2. Find the Positive 

A normal human reaction is to be sad and negative at hardships in life, but we need to learn positive actions to deal with such human hardships. Being negative or miserable for a long time just causes more negativity and depression. The hardest thing to learn and practice is to find the positive outcome of every negative event, but we must to keep ourselves going.

3. Faith and Prayer

A strong faith with internal thoughts of asking for guidance to help people with whom you associate.

4. Serve Others 

This is one of my most favorite things I've learned. It seems to happen in life that the more we serve others, the better our own life becomes.  Simply volunteering like Barbara MacTaggart at Twin Lakes, can be an easy and fun way to serve others.

Doing the extras, removing all the shortcuts, going out of your way to do something extra for people will expand your life and make you happy and fulfilled.

We are all blessed when we have successfully aged no matter what life brought our way. These priceless lessons are the positive outcomes of aging.

Jim Mayer is Executive Director of Twin Lakes Senior Living Community where you’ll find beautiful accommodations, a secure plan for the future and a vibrant, active lifestyle. Find out more about Twin Lakes by contacting us online or phone at 513-247-1300. 

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