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How To Leave A Legacy

Posted by Twin Lakes on June 14, 2018

How To Leave A Legacy By Jim Mayer, Executive Director Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

When you hear the word ‘legacy’ you can’t help but think it’s about money.  Instead I believe it’s about what a person leaves and contributes personally to an individual or a group of individuals.

I’ve been blessed to have worked around so many talented and generous individuals who contribute their talents to make their community better. 

It’s clear to me that each one of us can leave a legacy by contributing ideas, concepts and talents to others to be remembered. 

7 Non-Monetary Ways to Leave Your Legacy

Have you ever been told you have a gift or talent for something? Maybe it’s time to pay it forward and share those with the next generation, here are some ideas:

  • Tutor students at a local elementary school to help them master the basics.
  • Join the board of a group/organization where you can share work or hobby knowledge.
  • Teach younger members of the family how to make a special recipe you’re known for.
  • Volunteer somewhere that your gifts and talents will support the mission of the group.
  • Create a blog to offer your wisdom or expertise on a subject.
  • Share successful leadership strategies with a group of young adults.
  • Pass family heirlooms to interested family members and include the story and history of the item. 

If You’ve Been Left a Legacy 

If you find yourself blessed with a “legacy gift” from someone else, be sure to let them know what that means to you. Thank them when you can to show your gratitude. 

Sometimes we don’t realize what someone has contributed to us until that person has left this earth. This is unfortunate because we can’t personally thank them for the gifts they have given us. 

What we can do is perpetuate their legacy gift by sharing it with others. If you feel that’s not enough you could consider donating to their favorite charity or even one of your own in their name. 

I believe that everyone leaves a legacy. In fact most of us are leaving a legacy every day and don’t even realize it - ask yourself, what is my legacy? 

Jim Mayer is Executive Director of Twin Lakes Senior Living Community where you’ll find beautiful accommodations, a secure plan for the future and a vibrant, active lifestyle. Find out more about Twin Lakes by contacting us online or phone at 513-247-1300.retirement living

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