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How the Healthiest Seniors Stay Healthy All Year Long

Posted by Twin Towers on March 14, 2017

active-senior-living.jpgThe world’s healthiest people, researched back in 2004, were found to have similar lifestyles. Particularly, they were active, socialized regularly and lived life with purpose — things we all strive for but sometimes get sidetracked. 

Whether it’s the winter weather dragging on or an unexpected life situation, how do you keep yourself motivated to stay healthy physically, socially and mentally all year long? Try these tips:

Favorite Activity, New Location

Keep up your warm-weather activities like walking or swimming by moving them indoors during the winter months. Take your walking routine to the local mall or community center. Join a fitness or aquatic center, such at The Connection at Twin Towers, for indoor classes.

4 Indoor Walking Tips

  1. Find a location that works for you. It should be convenient and comfortable.
  2. Create a Routine. Make it a daily or weekly event. Put it on your calendar.
  3. Use a Pedometer. Set goals. It’s more fun!
  4. Walk-n-Talk. Ask a friend to join you or start a walking club.

Changing your routine is a wellness tip experts often recommend because it challenges your body and stimulates your mind. You may be surprised how a small change can lead to big results!

Road Trip Time!

Go someplace new. Meet new people. Discover a new adventure.

Did you know Cincinnati was named one of the top 10 U.S. cities for senior citizens in 2016! Why? The beautiful Queen City received high marks for overall low cost of living, pleasant weather, safety, and its many recreational activities that are senior-friendly.

The rainy days of spring are the perfect time to embark on a new adventure!

Discover 13 favorite spots seniors like to visit around Cincinnati in this Free guide. Hidden gems, trip tips, senior discounts & more!

Try Something New

How about yoga? Tai Chi? Breathing exercises? A new activity can be fun, challenging and rewarding to your overall health.

Yoga is known as one of the best medicines for the body, no matter your age or experience level. Through yoga, you combine relaxation therapy with a form of exercise that increases flexibility, strength and muscle building. Yoga improves posture and breathing, benefits the heart and reduces stress.

Tai Chi continues to grow in popularity, especially with the older adult crowd. Tai Chi targets the fitness areas many seniors are working on, such as maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance. It also reduces pain, improves posture, increases bone density, and boosts the immune system.

New in fitness are “breathing exercises” to lower stress levels and improve overall health. There are several techniques, such as Diaphragmatic Breathing to calm the nervous system and the Long Exhale to reduce insomnia. Find the breathing technique that works best for you. Practice breathing indoors now and move it outdoors when the weather warms!

The Secrets of the World’s Healthiest People

Back to the world’s healthiest people. The five regions where these healthy people live are known as the “Blue Zones.” The people who live there have an average life expectancy age over 100!

The researcher in longevity found they have four commonalities to their tremendous health, vitality and happiness.

The 4 Secrets to the World’s Healthiest People

  1. Eat Wisely
  2. Keep Moving
  3. A Strong Belief System and Socialization
  4. An Outlook with Purpose

Make it your purpose to live an enriching life every day!

Feeling good inside and out is the cornerstone of life at Twin Towers Senior Living Community in Cincinnati Ohio.

For a free tour of Twin Towers Senior Living Community, contact Twin Towers today! 513-853-2000

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