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Helping My Pet Adjust to Our New Home

Posted by Twin Lakes on April 2, 2019

Woman walking dog and greeting man in hallMoving from your current home into your new one comes with a large to-do list and loads of adjusting. As you’re busy organizing your new space and learning the pickup time for garbage and recycling, it should come as no surprise that your furry friend is doing their own fair share of acclimating as well.

To ensure both you and your pet make a smooth transition to your new surroundings, make time for the following.

Getting Your Pet Comfortable in Their New Home

Roam Free

Explore the new spaces with your pet by your side. Encourage them to enter each room, taking their time, and have a moment to interact with you in it. Try sitting on a chair and inviting them over or getting down on the floor to pet or play. This will help them begin to identify the room as a comfortable place to be with you.

Keep Things Familiar

While it may seem like a great time to reward your furry friend with some new toys or accessories to celebrate the move, it’s probably best to wait. Keep things as familiar as possible for a while to limit anxiety. Place their sleeping area and favorite toys out in the open where they can be found easily will provide comfort during the transition.


Do your best to maintain your pet’s routine. From feeding and playtime to bathroom breaks and daily treats - your pet will rely on keeping the schedule they are accustomed to. If possible, try to avoid leaving your pet alone in your new home for long periods of time until they have shown you that they are comfortable in the space. 


Now is a great time to reward your pet more than usual for good behavior! They are experiencing a lot of change and will require your attention and affection to gain comfort in their new home. Increasing rewards (treats or added walks) can help them experience more ease with their new surroundings. And who doesn’t love to spoil their pet?

Making a move can be a hectic and exciting time for both you and your pet. Remember to remain patient with your transition and rely on each other for support.

Twin Lakes is a continuing care retirement community with villa homes, apartments and more, focused on supporting the vibrant and active lifestyles of our residents. For more information, contact Twin Lakes online or at 513-247-1300.opening doors at a senior living community

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