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Football Game Workout

Posted by Twin Towers on November 8, 2018

Football Workout- Author Amy BrunnerBy Amy Brunner, Wellness Services Manager at Twin Towers Senior Living Community.

You can get a workout in while doing things you love, like cheering on your favorite football team right at home. Next time you turn on the game, get your daily dose of fitness with this Football Fan Workout.

How It Works  

When the team you’re rooting for completes one of the following actions during the game, you'll do the corresponding exercise.

For a more strenuous routine (or if your team isn’t playing as well as you’d hoped) complete the exercises for both team’s actions!

Football Game Workout for Fans

  1. Kick Off & Punt Returns – 30 Second March or jog in place. Football Workout- March in Place
  1. Interception – 30 Second Bicycle (lying flat on back or sitting in chair, raise feet off floor and bend legs at the knee and simulate a bicycle motion with your legs).Football Workout- Bicycle Exercise
  1. Fumble – 30 Second Mountain Climbers (standing, bend and raise right knee up while at the same time reaching left arm up overhead; alternating sides).Football Workout- Mountain Climber exercise
  1. Touchdown – 20 Jumping Jacks, or your own celebration dance for 30 seconds!Football Workout jumping jacks
  1. Field Goal – 15 Calf Raises (stand with feet parallel about 5 inches apart, roll up on toes and hold for two counts, then release back down. Rest hands on back of chair for added support).Football workout calf raises
  1. 2 Point Conversion – 30 Second Plank (laying flat on your stomach, raise up on your forearms and toes, keeping body in a straight and neutral position and your core tight, if you can’t raise up on your toes drop your knees and do a modified plank).Football workout plank exercise
  1. 3rd Down Conversion - 5 Shoulder Rolls (standing up, roll your shoulders forward 5 times, repeat rolling them backwards).Football workout shoulder rolls
  1. Play Challenge – 15 Second Hamstring Stretch (sitting in chair or standing step one leg forward about a foot, heel in contact with the ground, toe pointed upward. Bend forward at hips and reach for the toe, hold for 15 seconds. Repeat on other side).Football workout hamstring stretch
  1. Time-out – 15 Second Chest Stretch (stand up and extend both arms out to the side, palms facing forward. Reach back with your arms until you feel a stretch. You can put palm against wall to deepen the stretch and then switch sides).football workout chest stretch

A Few More “Point”ers

  • Take a water break during commercials! Use the interruption to keep yourself hydrated. It’s essential for a healthier functioning body, increased energy, and to reduce food cravings.
  •  It’s hard not to snack while watching the game, but there are plenty of healthy choices you can make. Get some ideas here. 
  • When the game ends, whether your team won or lost, consider cooling down with some yoga stretches. It will stretch your muscles after your Football Workout and can help lower your blood pressure after the excitement of the game.

Looking to stay healthy year round? Check out The Connection at Twin Towers Senior Living Community.

Amy is the Wellness Services Manager at the fitness & wellness center at Twin Towers, The Connection. There you will find a team expertly trained to create workout routines and exercises that are specifically designed for those aged 50+. The Aquatic Center includes a 75-foot heated pool, aquatic bikes, and a whirlpool.   

The Connection is open to the community and memberships are available. For more information contact us online or give us a call at 513-853-2000.

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