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Benefits of a Not-for-Profit Senior Living Community

Posted by Twin Towers on July 11, 2019

Not-for-profit community building with flowers and waterfall in pondNot-for-profit senior living communities are all over the country. Some reside in small buildings. Others are on large campuses with multiple buildings and free standing homes.

Either way, there are key benefits to living in one. So when you're touring be sure to check them out. Here's what to look for.

5 Benefits of a Not-for-Profit Community

1.  Mission-Driven

What drives a not-for-profit community is their mission. A volunteer board creates the mission. The board is made up of community members as well as employees. In addition, board members are oftentimes residents who live there.

Certainly check out the community’s mission, vision, and values. Do they align with your priorities and views in life?

2. Religious Affiliation

Many not-for-profit communities are supported by a religious group or affiliation. Therefore, you can see the underlying values and principles of the organization.

There may be a chapel on campus along with a chaplain. For most communities, you don't need to practice their faith.

3. Financial Security

You need to know the community you choose is financially sound. So be sure to ask for the audited financial statements. Ask for occupancy rates as well.

Certainly, feel free to speak with the Chief Financial Officer. When you plan to make a move you'll want to understand how your money is spent.

4. Focus on Community

Not-for-profit communities use their mission to guide their decisions, what is best for the residents is what they'll do. For example, when the common space needs paint it gets paint. Ask to speak to residents when you tour to help understand how things work

5. Peace of Mind

No matter how much planning you do, sometimes there's just not enough money. As a result, not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) often provide a lifetime care commitment.

Twin Towers believes residents are family. In other words, we want them to stay in the home they love. That's why we use our benevolent care fund to support them. Because once they are a resident they are always a resident.

We invite you to visit our campus at Twin Towers Senior Living Community in Cincinnati, Ohio and welcome your questions about our community. Ask us a question or schedule your visit online today or give us a call 513-853-2000.retirement living

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