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Be the Best You: See How Strength-Based Living Works

Posted by Twin Lakes on May 5, 2017

Senior woman showing strengthBy Jim Mayer, Executive Director of Twin Lakes

What are your strengths? 

At this point in your life, you must already know what you are good or even great at in life. You may be very efficient in doing some activity, or you may have great knowledge in a particular subject.

For instance, is it developing relationships, analyzing the stock market, producing a piece of art or understanding a complex problem? As a matter of fact, you may have many life strengths.

Enhance Your Strengths vs. Your Weaknesses

Throughout your education, you were likely taught to work on and develop your weaknesses to become a well-rounded individual. However, a new thought in educational development is that we need to enhance our strengths instead. 

The Gallup research company has developed a program and book for managers called “Strengths Finder.” This program helps managers identify their strengths.

It also helps individuals explore and identify their strengths and collaborate with others who complement their strengths and their abilities. I personally have applied and embraced this concept in my life and in my management duties.

There is a saying, “You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough." Now I am not afraid of working hard at something, but if I am not good at numbers, why waste my time and energy trying to be an accountant.

How to Become the Best You

The idea of this new program is to focus on your own special skills and passions and work with those people who complement your skills and passions. Therefore, I have embraced this new saying:

“You cannot be anything you want to be, but you can be the best of whatever you already are.”

To have a rich and meaningful life, we should focus on our strengths and how we can better serve others through our personal strengths.

I am sure you know what your natural talents and passions are; however, have you thought about your talents that could be nurtured? The “Strengths Finder” program advises people to continue to work on their strengths and, most likely, another talent will develop.

Finding Your True Strengths

A true strength must meet these conditions:

  • When thinking about the task, you are excited; you look forward to doing it.
  • When doing the task, you tend to lose track of time; time flies.
  • Once the task is completed, you feel genuinely satisfied and energized; you feel great!
When focusing on your strengths or your abilities, you become more positive with others, you are more confident, and your whole attitude becomes more positive. This confident, positive attitude helps your brain activity, and you actually can become more creative.

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Jim Mayer is the Executive Director of Twin Lakes senior living community in Montgomery. Contact us at Twin Lakes to learn more about our continuing care retirement community and activities for the public.

opening doors at a senior living community

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