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Twin Towers

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Senior Health and Fitness

The Easiest Ways to Exercise & Stay Healthy While Traveling

By: Twin Towers | April 21, 2017

By Emily Cole, Wellness Coordinator at The Connection at Twin Towers 

Are you thinking of traveling this summer? Who doesn’t love a nice break! Perhaps even an adventure abroad.

Whether you are venturing stateside or journeying afar, use these tips to easily maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle while traveling.

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Finance and Planning

Can I Afford a CCRC? Everything You Need to Know

By: Twin Towers | April 11, 2017

Few people question the benefits and luxury living of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRCs) also referred to as a Life Plan Community. With modern housing, services, amenities, short and long-term medical care, security and peace of mind all wrapped up in one, it’s the best of all worlds. The real question is: Can I afford it?

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Senior Health and Fitness

The Newest Trends in Aromatherapy

By: Twin Towers | April 4, 2017

Aromatherapy - a practice that has been around for a long time - has recently regained popularity, thanks to a resurgence in a holistic approach to medicine.

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Senior Health and Fitness

Create a “Can Do” Attitude to Positive Aging

By: Twin Towers | March 30, 2017

Positivity has a lot of power. It can change how others treat us. It affects how we treat others. It can even help us live healthier and longer.

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