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Finance and Planning

Equifax Follow-up: When’s the Last Time You Checked Your Credit?

By: Twin Towers | October 16, 2017

The personal data stolen in the Equifax hack is extremely valuable to cyber thieves who search for -- and even buy on the black market -- Social Security and credit card numbers so they can steal from and even impersonate unsuspecting victims.

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Nutrition and Food

Hometown Passion & Flavor: Our Top 4 West Cincy Eateries

By: Twin Towers | October 5, 2017

The West Side of Cincinnati is often described as part small town, part inner city with strong family ties and hometown passion.

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Senior Health and Fitness

4 Functional Exercises to Improve Daily Movements

By: Twin Towers | September 26, 2017

By Gary Wells, Wellness Specialist at The Connection at Twin Towers

We lead busy, active lives and expect our bodies to keep up with everything we do.

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Senior Lifestyle and Care

Being a Grandparent: Told Through 25 Famous & Funny Quotes

By: Twin Towers | September 14, 2017

Being a grandparent is one of the most rewarding relationships you can have. It’s the same unconditional love you feel for your children but with fewer struggles and a lot more fun!

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