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Are Senior Living Communities Only for Extroverts?

Posted by Twin Lakes on March 10, 2017

Community members looking at tabletsAre senior living communities only for extroverts and those overtly outgoing people who can easily chime into a conversation and join a table of strangers for lunch?

The answer is “no.” Those of us who value our quiet, alone time and even get a bit anxious around crowds can easily feel at home and comfortable in a community living environment. 

One of the main reasons independent living neighborhoods are so attractive is that residents gain amenities, services and other benefits in a way that complements the life they want to live. The key is to find the community that provides the housing, services and lifestyle that works best for you and allows you to live your best senior life.

It’s Where You Want to Be

Carol, a self-proclaimed introvert, admits that she loves her apartment at Twin Lakes Senior Living Community in suburban Montgomery

“There’s something to do at Twin Lakes all the time, and I love that. But I really love my apartment. It’s peaceful. It’s modern. It’s lovely,” Carol says. It’s her cozy retreat when she needs to recharge her inner self. 

Carol made the move to a Twin Lakes independent living apartment after rave reviews from a best friend who already lived there. An independent living apartment would allow her to maintain the privacy she desired, while she also gained peace of mind and security with the services and maintenance-free living provided by the community. 

For Carol, it was a decision she made because she could live the way she wanted to live. 

Carol has lived at Twin Lakes for nearly four years. She regularly goes to the community fitness center, The Connection, to exercise. She also spends time in the library reading, has joined book clubs and socializes when she wants. She may dine in the café or dining room with others, or she may order food and have it delivered. It’s the icing on the cake on days when she just wants to relax in her home. 

“This is the best place I have ever lived,” Carol says. 

Read the rest of Carol’s story in Opening Doors at a Senior Living Community. Get a glimpse inside a senior living community to see what life is really like.

Finding a Senior Living Community that Fits You

As you research your options for retirement living, take into consideration your personality type, your interests and what kind of lifestyle makes you happy. How you want to live should be just as important as the location and financial factors. 

It is common to feel both excited and nervous when considering a move into a new home and new community. “Will I fit in?” is a question that afflicts us all at some point, no matter an introvert or extrovert. 

The best way to determine if you will feel comfortable in a senior living community is to take a tour and get a feel for the environment, people and lifestyle. 

Each community often develops a “personality” of its own. Look for a community that reflects your personality. Spend time at the community, stay for a meal, attend an event and get a feel for the culture and daily flow. 

Take into consideration questions such as these when touring a senior living community

  • What kinds of social events are planned?
  • Is there a monthly schedule of activities?
  • Is there a variety of events and how often do activities change?
  • Are off-site day trips planned? If so, to where?
  • Is there a common social area that is open at all times for residents? What kinds of activities occur in this social area?
  • Are there areas for quiet reflection, such as walking paths, gardens or a library?
  • Are there any classes offered on site? Are there classes and educational opportunities off site, yet nearby?
  • Is there a forum in which residents can suggest activities and events that interest them?
  • What is the environment and feel of the surrounding community?
  • How do the services, such as dining and other amenities, fit my personality and what I am looking for in retirement?

The Importance of Community to Your Health

Also important to take into consideration is that a senior living community makes it easier for you to maintain and build relationships throughout life. Many older adults find that their social circles dwindle after leaving the workforce and as friends retire and move away to be near family or senior communities they choose. 

By living in a community with fellow seniors, you will gain opportunities to easily socialize and meet new people. 

Research shows seniors who cultivate new relationships throughout life tend to have lower risks for heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and depression, among other things. Find a community where there are groups and activities that interest you, and you’ll be surrounded by people with similar interests. 

The decision on where you want to live should be just as much about “how” you want to live. The senior living industry today has many options and levels of accommodations, costs and future care. The key is to find a community that fits who you are and the lifestyle you want to live your best senior life. 

See what living at Twin Lakes Senior Living Community in Montgomery, near Cincinnati, is all about. Call today at 513-247-1300 or contact Twin Lakes online to schedule your tour. See the homes, tour the community and meet the residents. We can’t wait to meet you!opening doors at a senior living community


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