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Aquatic Pilates for Senior Wellness

Posted by Twin Towers on June 14, 2016

By Melissa Frampton, Wellness Specialist at The Connection at Twin Towers

For those experiencing lower back pain, Aquatic Pilates exercises may be a great choice. When Pilates movements are taken into the water, abdominal and oblique muscles (core muscles) can be developed leading to improved posture and the alleviation of lower back pain.This non-impact type of exercise focuses on strengthening and stretching movements using the resistance of water.

Breathing is a key component of Aquatic Pilates and the fullest benefits are achieved when the breathing and desired movement together become the focus.  When breathing during these exercises, emphasis is on a deep diaphragmatic inhale through the nose (spine lengthens) followed by a forced exhalation through the mouth (spine is in slight flexion while also engaging the deep abdominal muscles). Inhale as you open up or extend the body: exhale as you close or flex the body.

Aquatic Pilates Exercises To Try

Aquatic Pilates Canoe ExerciseCanoe - works core, quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

Equipment: none

Starting Position: Feet shoulder width apart, arms bent, elbows at 90 degrees in front of body, elbows remain close to body.

  1. On exhale rotate upper body to the left, kicking left leg straight out in front of you.
  2. On inhale bring leg down and turn body back to starting position.

Repeat 6-8 times exhaling on turn and kick, inhaling when returning to starting position. Repeat using right leg.

Melissa’s Expert Tip: throughout the exercise, keep core engaged, spine long, relaxed neck, forehead, nose, chin, sternum are all in a line.

Aquatic Pilates Mermaid Exercise Mermaids
- works abdominal, obliques.

Equipment: Side of pool 

Starting Position: Place right arm straight out touching side of pool and left arm is relaxed and by left side. Eyes face forward, core is engaged.

  1. On inhale, move right hip away from the wall and bring left arm up over head near ear. 
  2. On exhale, move right hip towards the wall and bring left arm down and across body in front.

Repeat 6-8 times on each side.

Melissa’s Expert Tip: throughout the exercise, lift chest, lengthen neck and look forward.

Aquatic Pilates Side Accordion Exercise

Side Accordion - works abdominal, obliques, shoulders, biceps, and inner thighs.

Equipment: pool noodle

Starting Position: hold pool noodIe in left hand and extend out to the side of the body (trust the noodle to support you because it will) and fall sideways.  Move right leg sideways away from left leg about 2 feet.

On exhale, bring the noodle down beside your left thigh and bring right leg in to meet left leg.
On inhale, move the noodle back out to the side of the body and right leg back out.

Repeat 6-8 times on each side.

Melissa’s Expert Tip:  throughout the exercise, keep core engaged, lengthen neck and look forward

*Breathing Tip – evaluate how deeply you’re breathing by loosely lacing the hands on your low abdomen with fingers together.  On inhale, fingers should separate as ribs expand sideways.  On exhale, fingers should come back together as abdomen contracts.

Grab a couple friends and take them with you to The Connection at Twin Towers every Friday at 8:45 AM for a fun, engaging, social, and cool workout! Check out the full aquatic movement class schedule if you’re interested in more ways to stay cool while reaching your fitness goals!

Twin Towers is dedicated to helping you reach your full wellness potential. We offer wellness assessments to help you gauge which exercises will best benefit you and help you reach your fitness goals. We can help introduce you to new exercises that you didn’t even know existed! Interested in pushing yourself to accomplish your wellness goals? Contact Twin Towers today!

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