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A Day They’ll Never Forget: Planning a Visit with the Grandchildren in Cincinnati

Posted by Twin Lakes on February 10, 2017

Map with Cincinnati on itYou’ve marked your calendars, it’s official. The grandchildren are stopping by for a visit. As their grandparent, you get the honorable job of simply having fun with some of your favorite people!

But where to go? What to do? What should you see in the great city of Cincinnati? Do you pick something that’s familiar or something that will be an adventure for them? How can you make it a day that they’ll remember? 

Regardless of what kind of trip you go for, we’ve compiled a list of Cincinnati and surrounding locations for you to consider.

How to Make Your Visit Memorable

You may often wonder how you can make this visit memorable and one your grandchildren cherish forever. What can you plan that they will enjoy and remember for years to come? 

The best thing you can do is make a connection. Set up a trip that focuses on what they love and what you love. Make it about “who you are with” vs. about things you can do. Check out these ideas for a visit they won’t forget: 

  • Use the trip to teach them something about your past. Believe it or not, your grandchildren want to know more about you, more about your younger years, and oftentimes, more about their parents and what they were like as a child! Take them on a trip where you once took their parent as child. Visit an area that reflects the family heritage or a family tradition, or show pictures and tell stories. They’ll cherish the stories forever. 
  • Take them on a trip that lets them teach you something about themselves. Let them pick a favorite spot. Have them tell you the highlights or share their knowledge, whether you are at the ballpark or visiting a favorite restaurant. Children love when they get to “be in charge,” and chances are, you’ll learn new characteristics and traits about your grandchildren that will bring you even closer. 
  • Try something new for the both of you. Talk to them and ask them if they would be interested in doing something they’ve never done before, or going some place new. Make it an adventure! A “first” you shared together. Memories like these don’t fade!  

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Activities for Sports Fans in Cincinnati

As you most likely already know, Cincinnati is filled with options for sports fans to visit. 

There are two major league teams in this city, The Cincinnati Bengals NFL team and the Cincinnati Reds MLB team. Both of these can be a great idea for a day trip with the grandkids who love sports, depending on the season. You could even make a stop at the Reds Hall of Fame for avid fans of the Reds. 

Nearby, there are other sports teams and centers such as the local hockey team Cincinnati Cyclones and the Kentucky Horse Park or Churchill Downs, where you can watch all kinds of horse-related events throughout the year. 

Locations for the Art Connoisseur in Cincinnati

If you or your grandkid enjoy art, music, history and/or anything to be found in a museum, there is no shortage of cultural activities to experience in the Cincinnati area. 

You could stroll through the amazing Cincinnati Art Museum, where you’ll find a number of captivating exhibitions full of art for you and your family to explore and enjoy. Also, you could stop by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to see a great play. 

Another terrific spot for the music enthusiast would be the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Live music of this caliber is not something easily passed up. It’ll surely be an experience that your grandkids will appreciate for years to come.

Cincinnati Locations for a Nature Enthusiast

Do you and/or your grandchildren share a love for the world around you? Check out the Newport Aquarium for a look at the aquatic world. Go for a walk through the Cincinnati Zoo to see lions, tigers, bears and more! 

The Anderson Ferry, a Nationally Registered U.S. Historic Site, is another great day trip for you and your grandchildren. Get a front seat to nature as you pass over the Ohio River in a ferry ride. Take a walk through nature at beautiful Eden Park where you can also stop by the Cincinnati Art Museum or the Krohn Conservatory

Cincinnati is home to many beautiful parks where you and your grandchildren can get a little exercise together with a casual walk, have a picnic lunch and simply enjoy good conversation and time together. 

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