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8 Simple Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy at 55+ [Expert Guide]

Posted by Twin Towers on July 6, 2017

Our wellness specialists at The Connection at Twin Towers are expertly trained to develop workout routines and healthy living plans for those age 55+. They’ve shared their expertise by providing step-by-step exercise instructions and fitness tips for our senior living blog.

We’ve compiled the instructional sheets so you have an eay expert guide to staying fit and healthy all year long -- at any age! throughout the year.

8 Expert Workout Routines for Age 55+ 

Aquatic Yoga1. Aquatic Yoga

Aquatic yoga classes have doubled in recent years due to growing popularity. They’re fun, relaxing and the water provides great relief from pressure on the joints. Begin with these 4 aquatic yoga poses. (Step-by-step instructions with pictures included)

2. Pilates in the Pool

If back pain or stiffness is an issue for you, aquatic pilates may be a great choice. It uses your abdominal core muscles to help alleviate lower back pain. It also focuses on strengthening and stretching muscles using the resistance of the water. See 3 examples of aquatic pilates movements here. (Step-by-step instructions with pictures included)

3. Water Resistance Strength Training

 Water resistance strength trainingThe pool keeps you cool and immediately adds resistance with the water, while still being easy on the joints. Through the use of pool noodles, paddles and buoys, you can build strength, stamina and balance. Get 4 exercises to do in the pool. (Step-by-step instructions with pictures included)

4. Walking  

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. A regular routine burns calories, adds strength and improves mobility and circulation. Invite a friend and you’re gaining socialization too! Get 6 steps to starting a walking plan today. 

5. Chair Exercises

Yes, you can exercise from a chair! Chair exercises are low impact, easy to do anywhere and effective. Do them while watching television, playing a game on your tablet or scrapbooking. Add these 4 chair exercises into your daily routine, (Step-by-step instructions with pictures included)

Daily stretching 6. Stretching

A daily stretch is good for everyone. Stretching helps improve balance and coordination, while reducing risk for muscle strains and injury. The key is knowing the right stretches to do and finding that “sweet spot” in each stretch. Don’t miss the 4 stretches everyone should be doing. (Step-by-step instructions with pictures included)

7. Relaxation Breathing 

We originally posted these steps to relaxation breathing prior to the holidays, as that’s often a time of high stress. However, breathing for relaxation should be done all year long to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. Try these 3 breathing exercises today. (Step-by-step instructions included)

8. Vacation Exercising 

Staying healthy and being on vacation typically don’t go hand-in-hand. However, they can. Learn simple exercises and healthy eating tips you can do on a trip and still enjoy yourself! Get 25 tips to fitness & healthy eating while traveling.

All 8 Tip Sheets from the Senior Wellness Experts at Twin Towers  

  1. Learn How to Jump Into the Latest Exercise Trend: Aquatic Yoga
  2. Aquatic Pilates for Senior Wellness
  3. Aquatic Exercises that Get Results
  4. How to Make a Walking Plan and Stick With It
  5. Stretching for Balance and Coordination
  6. An Exercise Guide to Keep You Fit While You Sit
  7. Breathe Easy This Holiday Season - Reduce Stress Through Breathing
  8. The Easiest Ways to Exercise & Stay Healthy While Traveling

Feeling good inside and out is the cornerstone of life at Twin Towers.

The Connection at Twin Towers offers a full schedule of senior fitness classes. The Connection serves adults 50 years and older and welcomes non-residents from the surrounding community to become members and enjoy the benefits and services.

We also invite you to visit our residential community here at Twin Towers in Cincinnati. For a free tour, contact Twin Towers today! 513-853-2000.

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