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10 Tips for Decorating Your Patio Home

Posted by Twin Towers on August 8, 2017

Interior decorations Make decorating your new patio home at a senior living community an opportunity to create a home that reflects who you are and how you want to live.

As you face making the move and likely downsizing your belongings, use these decorating tips and decorating don’ts for smaller spaces to help you express your style in your new patio home. 

First off, you may wonder, why is it even called a patio home? Or what’s the difference between a patio home and a condominium?

What is a Patio Home?

A patio home is a small, single-family home that may be attached or detached to another patio home. It typically has its own private yard with a patio.  

Patio homes are often developed together in a neighborhood where residents can share services. For example, at Twin Towers senior living community, the community includes two stand-alone patio home neighborhoods where homeowners gain the services of the senior living community, such as lawn care, home maintenance, the fitness center, dining, etc.  

Patio homes differ from a condominium in that condos rarely have a private lot/backyard and usually have multiple units attached, such as on both sides and above.  

Now, let’s move on to the decorating fun!

5 Decorating Tips for Patio Homes in a Senior Living Community

  1. Keep clutter off the floor. Less clutter on the floor makes the room feel calmer and more open. It also reduces risks of tripping and falling. Find ways to add storage both in view and out of site. For example, a variety of wire baskets or crates hung on a wall can be decorative and used as storage for photos, books or magazines. A table skirt on an end table can provide hidden storage underneath for a basket of items.
  2. Look for furniture that does double. Find an ottoman that also stores extra blankets or a bed frame that has built-in storage drawers.
  3. Make what’s essential to you work effectively. Think about what you love and determine how to make that work in your new space. Instead of a large desk or craft table, look for one that mounts to the wall and may even fold up when not in use. 
  4. Opt for wall-mounted lighting. Great lighting can brighten, expand the feel and add a decorative touch to a small space. Instead of lamps on end tables or side tables, add wall-mounted sconces to free up space in the room. 
  5. Hang a photo collage as a piece of art. Find creative ways to frame or display the photos and mementoes you cherish. For example, hang decorative clips, clipboards or a decorative bulletin board where you can periodically change out the photos. Even better, ask the kids and grandkids to clip their favorite photos or recent accomplishments each time they come to visit. This creates a conversation starter, a work of art and joy — all in one wall display. 

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5 Don’ts When Decorating a Patio Home 

  1. Don’t push all the furniture up against the walls. People often think this will make the room appear bigger. However, it often makes carrying on a conversation difficult and makes the room feel awkward. Pulling furniture away from the walls creates depth. Place in a way that makes conversation with friends inviting and comfortable.
  2. Don’t overdress windows. Bare windows and simple drapery open up a space. For privacy, add blinds or roman shades.
  3. Don’t forget proportion and scale. Add furniture that is proportional to the size of the room. Instead of a full-size sofa, consider a loveseat. Do you really need a king size bed? A queen or full-size bed may provide a relaxed ambience and allow for that reading light and chair you’d rather have.
  4. Don’t be afraid of a bold pattern or print. Your home decorating should speak to who you are and what you love. The key to using statement patterns and prints in a small space is to pick a focal point for that pattern and surround it with neutrals. Let your style shine through that floral loveseat and mix in quieter neutrals throughout the room.
  5. Don’t forget to ask why. Whether you are in the process of downsizing your current belongings or decorating your new home, take a step back to analyze why you are moving and what you want out of this home. Are you looking for relaxation, more time for the things you enjoy and less worry? Design and decorate your new home as a reflection of you and what you want out of life moving forward.

At Twin Towers, we have two patio home neighborhoods located just minutes from cultural downtown Cincinnati. Maintain the independence of your own single-family patio home, with all of the advantages of maintenance-free community living. Check out our studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom designs with attached garages, sunrooms and screened porches. 

Contact Twin Towers today to schedule your tour of our patio homes or for more information. 513-853-2000.

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