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10 Online Tools For Retirement Planning

Posted by Twin Towers on July 5, 2018

10 online tools for retirement planningMany people do some sort of retirement planning, whether it’s financial planning, planning where to live or planning for future health care.

Ideally, you should incorporate all aspects of your life, from your wellness to housing to medical care, into a holistic plan for retirement. 

A Holistic Approach to Retirement Planning

The best time to lay out your retirement plans and create a holistic approach is now. It’s always better to have a plan for your retirement lifestyle before you are feeling pressure to make decisions. By creating a holistic retirement plan, you gain peace of mind and may open doors to opportunities you did not realize could be the best fit for you in senior living.

10 Online Tools for Retirement Living and Planning

Check out these 10 online tools to help you create a holistic approach to retirement planning. 

  1. Life Planning For You, the Evoke series. These free worksheets and questionnaires help you determine goals, values and priorities in retirement. After registering, it asks you questions such as: If you had all the money in the world, would you change anything? Worksheets help you prioritize goals for work, family, spirituality, health and more. 
  1. Life Reimagined, an AARP website. This site offers online tutorials and resources on attaining goals, creating a LifeMap with purpose and more. 
  1. ESPlanner. This income planning tool designed by Boston University economists has patented algorithms that do lifetime budgeting by calculating how much to spend, save and insure each year to maintain a specific living standard. 
  1. Mint. This tool provides a retirement calculator to project your retirement income based on what you have saved, will spend and will save. It can also help you put together a budget based on spending patterns and alert you when you are going over-budget.
  1. Social Security Solutions.com. This user-friendly site takes into account a wide variety of household configurations as well as the impact that many other sources of retirement income can have on Social Security benefits. 
  1. The Conversation Project. Gain free resources to help you plan your wishes for end-of-life care. Starter kits help you get this difficult conversation started with family and poses questions you may not have considered, such as, ‘does your doctor know of your plans?’ and ‘how much information do you want your doctor to share with family?’ Oftentimes, these are questions no one thinks about until in an emergency situation. 
  1. Ultimate Retirement Calculator. This tool allows you to plug in a variety of financial factors, including pensions, expected inheritance and how much you want to leave in your estate. 
  1. Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg. This simple tool only requires basic information, such as current balance, assets and annual spending, to provide estimates on how long your nest egg will last. 
  1. The Blue Zones True Vitality Test. After answering a series of questions about your health and lifestyle, this site provides life expectancy predictions and tips on how to live healthier. The calculator developed by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health takes into account 29 factors from more than 300 academic studies. 
  1. Everplans. Check out their resources for estate planning, including documents that are generally needed in addition to a will. The site provides information on how to complete documents, how to align powers of attorney and more. 

While all of these online tools can be valuable when planning the various aspects of your retirement lifestyle, it’s always good to double check estimates and predictions, get second opinions and seek the advice of professionals in the industry.

Twin Towers is a continuing care retirement community focused on supporting seniors to live their best lives. If you would like a tour contact us here or feel free to call us at (513) 853-2000.cost comparison worksheet

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